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TrackerJam analyzes your team's web browser activity, providing detailed insights into core time metrics and essential productivity reports.

Tracks time, domains, productivity and more

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TrackerJam is a combination of a chrome extension to analyze browser activity and a web dashboard to see detailed reports.

Chrome Store
Chrome Store

Everything you need for an efficient team

Track your own or your team's work time to understand browser usage habits and achieve peak performance

TrackerJam Domains Table

Comprehensive dashboard with key metrics

Detailed reports for each team member, detailing time spent on websites, productivity scores, top domains with categories and etc.

TrackerJam Top Domains

In-depth dive into the browser usage

Get detailed information about domains, their categories and time spent.

TrackerJam Team Members

Multiple user setup

Ready to be used for your whole team or occasional freelancers and contractors.

TrackerJam Domain Table

Work time schedule for each team member

Simplify the process of logging work hours, ensuring it tracks only when necessary.

TrackerJam Domain Table

With privacy in mind

Track only essential, without compromising your team’s privacy.

TrackerJam Extension

Enabled transparency

Your employees can see domain time metrics and tracking settings applied. Pause and resume tracking at any time.

Features that cover all your needs

We are all ears for your feedback and excited to add more features you and your team need to succeed

TrackerJam Chrome

Track your team's time spent and web activities for a comprehensive overview of daily tasks.

TrackerJam Chrome

Get productivity ratings based on website categories and AI analysis.

TrackerJam Chrome

Access daily reports with hourly breakdowns and minute precision.

TrackerJam Chrome

Set your team working hours and choose which domains to track.

TrackerJam Chrome

The tracker starts and stops based on the personalized settings.

TrackerJam Chrome

Compare work hours and productivity statistics across team members.

Reliable web time tracking app

TrackerJam is a collaborative, cloud-based time tracking service that helps businesses of any size manage their projects, track working times and measure productivity.

TrackerJam can help you monitor employee attendance in real-time, streamline your workflow, and boost your productivity.

We also use it to track ourselves, as it is very insightful 🙂

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